Good Olde Fun

Do you remember what we used to do at parties when we were young?  There were many fun games that we played and our parents rarely used to spend a lot of money on hiring of entertainment.  I remember having lots of fun, so why not consider bringing in some of these good old fashioned games to the entertainment at your child’s next party?

Egg and Spoon race – Divide the children into teams, or they can play as individuals. Give each team (or child) a dessert spoon and an egg.  You can either provide raw eggs that could break if dropped, or hard boil them before the party so that they last longer!  Each child then needs to run a length ensuring they balance the egg on the spoon and not drop it. If they drop it they will need to start again.  The first team/child across the finish time is the winner and receives a small prize.  You can make this game more varied and difficult by adding an obstacle course.

Three Legged Race – Everyone needs to pair up and tie their one leg to their partner’s using a scarf.  The pairs then need to race to the finish line and the fastest couple wins the prize. (picture from Blogspot)

Pass the bean bag – This game has a no hands rule!  Divide the children into 2 teams with one bean bag each. You can easily make a bean bag by sewing two small pieces of material together and filling with dried beans. The aim is to pass the bean bag along the row of children without any of them using their arms/hands by holding the bean bag under their chins.

Egg throwing – For this game, you will need uncooked eggs. Divide the children into pairs with each child a meter away from their partner.  They will gently throw the egg across to their partner at this distance and after a certain time has lapsed, gradually increase the distance the pair stands from each other.  The winners will be the last pair standing with their egg still in tact!

The Chocolate Game – My personal favourite!!!  This game is great fun and is a rare chance for children to eat as much chocolate as they possibly can with a knife and fork. Get the children to sit in a circle and in the middle place a board with a large unwrapped bar of chocolate, a knife, fork, hat, scarf, gloves and a dice. The dice is passed around the circle and whoever rolls a six has to quickly put on the hat, scarf and gloves and try eat the chocolate with the knife and fork.  In the meantime, the rest of the children continue rolling the dice until another six is thrown.

Smartie sucking game – Give every child a cup and a straw and cover a large tray with Smarties.  Set a timer to one minute and all the children need to suck up one Smartie at a time and transfer them into their cup using just their straw and may not use their hands. The winner will be the child who has the most smarties in their cup in that time.  (picture from Party Times blog)


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