Under the Sea themed party

Under The Sea is a fun party theme and suits both boys and girls.  The ideas are limitless and can also be used in planning a Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, Sponge Bob Square pants…  Here are a few of my ideas on planning an Under The Sea themed party:

FOOD – fish and chips, sushi, marshmallow fish, sour worms (eels), jelly boats, fish shaped sandwiches (I love the ideas on www.funkylunch.com)

TABLEWARE – fish/sea themed plates and serviettes that are available at most toy/party outlets. I recently found some lovely 3D dolphin placemats that would also be a lovely keepsake/party favour for the kids to take home.

ENTERTAINMENT – So many ideas, but for little kids a jumping castle is always a winner.  Try find one that blends in with the theme like one of our suppliers has. A pinata shaped like a fish/octopus/jelly fish filled with sweets will be great fun for the children to bash. Try think up so water games – like passing a cup of water from one child to the next without spilling and the team that finishes with most water in their bucket wins. Plan a treasure hunt where the children have to hunt for a range of different pictures of sea life (like an octopus, sea horse, stingray, shark, turtle, etc) and the winner will be the child that comes back with a full set of pictures.

PARTY PACKS – keep to the theme, use a blue box to represent the sea, and green raffia to be the sea weed.

PARTY FAVOURS and PRIZES – I recently found some lovely glow in the dark sea creatures that you can stick to the ceiling, cupboard or wall which would make a great party favour.  Also, bubbles are always a winner for little kids to blow. Fish or boat bath toys for toddlers would suit this theme.

(All tableware, party packs, pinata’s, jumping castles and party favours/prizes are available from Party Things Online’s Facebook page alongside)


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