Sweet treats

I thought it was about time to blog about the sweeter things in life!  If you don’t have much time and want to create some yummy sweet treats for your child’s birthday party, here are some fun ideas that can be made in advance:

Using marshmallows, melted chocolate and smarties (or other sweets, hundreds & thousands, etc to decorate), this is a simple, but fabulous idea for a kiddies party.  You can use milk or white chocolate to make up your Chocolate Marshmallow Pops which the kids will love, and you don’t need too much creativity to do it! (picture and recipe adapted from Pick ‘n Pay’s Fresh Living e-mag)

This one is an old favourite from when I was at school and we had to make goodies for cake sales.  Melt some chocolate and then stir in rice crispies, raisons or even some chopped cherries and then spoon into cupcake holders to set. These Rice Crispie chocolates are yummy indeed.

For something summery and fairly healthy, why not make some Frozen Yoghurt Lollies?  All you’ll need is yoghurt, some fruit juice and some fresh berries and you mix together and freeze in lolly containers.  Nice and refreshing!

A cute thing to make is a Sweet Kebab.  Thread some soft sweets onto a kebab stick.  Make it interesting with sweets such as liquorice all sorts, marshmallows, wine gums, sour worms, dried fruit, turkish delight and nougat.

Mmmm… now I want to go home and try some of these 🙂

(all other photo’s taken from Google)


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