Make way for Noddy – 2 year old party

The big day finally arrived and my little 2 year old was so excited.  She’s known all about parties for a while and particularly that at parties you get juice, cake and chippies!  She is a big fan of Noddy and often sings the Noddy theme tune. We’ve been planning this party for about 3 months and trying to stick to a budget of just over R1000.  Planning a party solely for toddlers was fairly easy as they are easy to please little munchkins.  Here is the run down of all the things we did:


With the Noddy theme being in primary colours I luckily found a sheet of fabric in these colours with polka dots (R30 from Fabric World)  I thought this was more cost effective than buying the Noddy themed plastic table cloth as it could be reused for other themes at future parties.  Of course we used the Noddy themed tableware of plates, cups and serviettes that we stock in our party business!  One of the Noddy episodes we have on DVD has a big present for Tessie Bear from Noddy, which upon opening, she discovers is a whole lot of helium balloons. So we ordered some balloons in red, yellow and blue from Cardies in Constantia Village that is the cheapest supplier I have found in our area (R7 per balloon)


I didn’t want to plan too many formal activities as I believe toddlers should play to have fun.  The main activity was finger painting a toyland train that I made.  Making the train took about an afternoon’s work, cutting moving boxes, spray painting and decorating with coloured card.  Probably costing about R80 in total to make and buy the paints.

I also hired a plastic slide and see-saw for the kids to play on.  I made sure they were also in the primary colours that make up the Noddy theme. (instead of hiring you could borrow from a friend or a playschool)

I bought a plastic cup for each child, either red, blue or yellow, and printed and stuck on to it one of the Noddy characters and covered it with self-adhesive book covering plastic so that it would be waterproof.  The plastic cups were only R2 from Plastics from Africa.  I then filled some plastic tubs with water so the kids could splash and play and fill and empty the cups with water. Each child got to take a cup home with them.


For the kiddies, I cut up some fruit that were coloured according to the theme: Red=strawberries, Blue=blueberries, Yellow=pineapple, Green=grapes, and also put some marshmallows and chips on their table.  My mom also made some red and yellow jelly boats for the tots to enjoy! For the adults, I ordered some party platters from Pick “n Pay as well as organised cheese and biscuits.  Also available for all guests were cupcakes that I made with yellow, blue and red icing, and some sweets and chocs and Easter eggs!


Our preferred cake supplier, Nikki, made a masterpiece of a cake exactly like we had designed in our minds!  Inside it was a delicious carrot cake.  It was a square cake decorated with polka dots like Noddy’s scarf and sitting on top in toyland train carriages filled with smarties was Noddy, Tessie Bear and Mr Plod.  A cake of this type costs anything from R375 up.

Party packs

I used red party boxes for the girls and blue party boxes for the boys.  I stuck a sticker of Noddy with each child’s name onto the front of the box.  The box was lined with yellow and white polka dot paper and I put a tub of play dough and some Noddy bubbles into each party pack.  Each child also got a pack of dried fruit (the healthly treat) and a small box of Smarties (the not so healthy treat!).  I then tied the pack on the handle with a yellow ribbon and put a little Noddy bell on the end.  Each child got this as a gift at the end of the party. (our party business, Party Things Online, puts party packs like this together, costing approximately R35 each filled)

Lots of fun was had by everyone – can’t wait for the next party in 2013 as I’ve already thought up a theme 🙂


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