Peppa Pig Princess Party for my 4 year old

The older my daughter gets, the more she anticipates her birthday party. It is so cute seeing her delight when I bring party items home and the joy in her face on the day of the party when it all comes together.  This year was just the best…and to capture all the moments, we asked one of our photographers to snap photo’s for us.  It was so lovely having a photographer for the first time at a party, it took a lot of stress off Dad, and it is a wonderful keepsake for years to come. We were also able to email each child a lovely photo of themselves at the party.

IMG_0942After receiving some Peppa Pig goodies from family in the UK for her first birthday, there was no doubt that we’d one day have this cute little bossy piggy as a party theme one day. We love the series and decided to incorporate it with a Princess theme as well, one of the characters Peppa loves to dress up as in the series.   Our fabulous cake maker did a superb job making a masterpiece too good to eat 🙂

IMG_0918To bring this theme to life we ordered the paper plates and serviettes from and had theme party printables designed by our graphic designer.

IMG_0920 IMG_0951 IMG_1126 IMG_1141We also hired one of our facepainters this year and Jasmine did a superb job of the kids faces – they looked beautiful!

IMG_1299 IMG_1342


For entertainment we hired a HUGE Princess Tower jumping castle and the kids simply loved it. It had obstacles inside as well as a slide – great fun for all!  We also bought a princess castle pinata and filled it with sweet treats.  It was quite tough to bash a hole in, but they persevered and got to their loot eventually.


IMG_1117 IMG_1664-2



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