The Launch of Baking My Day

baking my dayOn Saturday I attended the launch of new cupcake business, Baking My Day.  A family run business (mom and two daughters) with a passion for baking, they recently decided to turn this passion into profits.

When we arrived, I was amazed at the selection on offer.  Everything including choc, vanilla, carrot cake and my favourite, red velvet.  Each cupcake was beautifully decorated, and many had a cute name attached to them, like Bugs Bunny for the carrot cake, Plain Jane, Let’s Get Nutty, Death by Chocolate and my favourite, Eat Your Heart Out!cupcakes lollipops

They had created cupcakes suitable for every occasion: weddings, kids parties, bachelorettes, Christmas, birthdays, and more.  There were even some decadent ones, with a Ferrero Roche topping!

And the best part???  The taste!  Each freshly baked cupcake (they had gone to bed at 5am that morning!) was so moist and delicious.  Definitely passed the taste test and made everyone at the launch very happy 🙂

Check them out on Facebook: Baking My Day

Here are some of the delicious cupcakes on offer:


cupcakes bachelorette cupcakes cupcakes sesame street cupcakes red velvet cupcakes batman cupcakes carrot cupcakes ferrero roche cupcakes happy birthday cupcakes lemon


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