Hint Hunt – perfect party idea for teenagers

hint huntHaving heard a lot about Hint Hunt, I rounded up some friends and booked tickets a month ago for our hour of mystery solving. Sadly I took ill a few hours before our game and couldn’t attend, but I got the low-down from my husband and friends (well, as much as they would tell me!). Probably best I didn’t go, so I can’t divulge all the details!  Here’s what its all about and why its a great party activity for teenagers…

Hint Hunt, at the Old Biscuit Mill Woodstock, is a game full of puzzles you need to solve. You are locked in a room (really!) and you have one hour to solve the mystery to get out. It’s about team work, creative thinking and problem solving.  Every now and then you get an additional clue to help you find the answer that unlocks the door.  The 60 minutes goes super fast, so you need to have your thinking caps on.

Great fun, the fastest 60 minutes I’ve had – Hilary

It will make a super party activity for teens as not only is it FUN, but it teaches about team work and problem solving as well.  They have 2 identical rooms set up, each room can cater for up to 6 people taking part at a time.  A new room is going to be launched later this year.  The cost works out to about R130 per person so getting booking for your next birthday, team build or just for fun.


Hint hunt



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