Crazy Beanies – crazy party favours

A few weeks ago, I happened to be at The Kids Shack with my kids when I saw a party getting set up.  I popped over to see what the theme was and it was a Minion theme in yellow and blue.  What struck me most was the gorgeous party favours that each child was going to get, a beautiful hand crafted beanie.  Beanie 10

What a great party favour especially for a party in winter!  I went to find out who the clever people are behind these beanies, and they are called Crazy Beanies and you can find them on Facebook here.  They can create almost any themed beanie you can think of.  Here are some of the beanies they have done – I really love the aviator one!

Beanie 9 Beanie 8 Beanie 1 Beanie 2 Beanie 3 Beanie 4 Beanie 5 Beanie 6 Beanie 7


2 thoughts on “Crazy Beanies – crazy party favours

  1. Hi Were you at BabaIndaba this weekend? I saw a stand with gorgeous beenies but no one was manning it when I was there. A friend of mine has an awesome idea which I think you may be interested in. I will ask her to send an email to you. Yours sincerely Aimee

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