Pretty party tables

I am loving dreaming up beautiful party tables for my kid’s parties.  I am not too good at it yet, but I love looking online to find creative ideas and seeing what works and what doesn’t.

There must be a centre piece or main feature that captures the theme of the table – it could be the cake in the centre, or a poster on the backdrop.  If you are going all out, all food and drink should encapsulate the theme and the colours thereof.  Party printables are a very popular option (and something we can help you with at Party Things Online!).  The decor elements are essential and bunting is a perfect idea (you can order that also from Party Things Online) as well as paper decor.

To help you find some inspiration for your child’s next party, I have found 20 different themes and scenes created by some very creative people. Sorry, its 21 scenes – I couldn’t decide between the 2 Cat in the Hat ones 🙂

(all found on Kara’s party ideas)

Setting 21 horse Setting 20 art Setting 19 dr suess Setting 18 cat in hat setting 17 lorax Setting 16 carousel Setting 15 setting 14 vintage Setting 13 pooh Setting 12 thomas Setting 11 planes Setting 10 train Setting 9 frozen Setting 8 under the sea Setting 7 alice in wonderland Setting 6 pink lemonade Setting 5 Barbie Setting paris 4 Setting peppa Setting snowwhite Setting 1

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