Cakes fit for Royalty

Today we feature some of my favourite cakes by Royal Bakery run by Lesley Wright in California, USA.  I have been following Lesley’s business for a few years and I love her interactive nature on Facebook and how genuine she is.  More than that, I simply love  her cakes and creativity and design she puts into them.  From concept to the final outcome, its just incredible how she captures everything so beautifully that often her cakes look so authentic, its hard to believe they are edible at all!

Here are a few of her amazing creations that I love.  Please head over and show support on her Facebook page if you, like me, enjoy amazing cakes.  With over 200000 likes on Facebook, its obvious she is onto a good thing 🙂

cake_1 cake_2 cake_3 cake_4 cake_5 cake_6 cake_7 cake_8 cake_9 cake_10 cake_11 cake_12




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