Frozen party themes

The biggest party theme at the moment just has to be a FROZEN party!  Princess Elsa, Olaf, etc have now all been created into fondant icing characters and together with a Winter wonderland decor backdrop, this theme has been a great one to create, and recreate for many planning their kids parties.

Below are many photo’s taken from such parties and featured on Kara’s party ideas.  My daughter has not yet asked for this theme, but to tell you a secret, I wish she would as there are so many good ideas.  I love the idea of cake pops for this theme and also how cute is the bottled water of “melted snowman”!

Take a walk through some of the parties that have been created in this theme:

Frozen 1 Frozen 2 Frozen 3 Frozen 4 Frozen 5 Frozen 6 Frozen 7 Frozen 8 Frozen 9 Frozen 10 Frozen 11 Frozen 12 Frozen 13


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