Family photoshoot ideas

It’s around this time of year that many people opt to have some family photo’s taken.  My advice is use someone with experience who knows how to get the best out of one hour, especially with the kids involved who may start to lose attention towards the end.  We have been fortunate to have a few family shoots, and really love working with our photographers.

Here are some nice ideas for some more unique poses – I especially love the use of the frames. Also the reflection from the water is a great one too.  My advice to what to wear is where bright clothes, not necessarily matching, but you could choose a theme, like all to wear in either pink or green (those are the colours we have chosen for our personal shoots).  You’d be suprised how good it looks, especially if the following year you choose the same colour so the pictures you put up on the wall continue in that theme even if the venue is different.

photoshoot1 photoshoot2 photoshoot3 photoshoot3b photoshoot3c photoshoot4 photoshoot5 photoshoot6 photoshoot6b photoshoot6c photoshoot7 photoshoot7b


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