Simply South is simply AWESOME


I must be honest, I usually don’t go near gift fairs. I am not sure why, I think I usually feel it may be packed with overpriced things I don’t need…. but I am so glad to have been “converted” after visiting the Simply South gift fair at the NG Kerk in Bergvliet last night.

I was truly impressed with the quality of items and the prices – there are some really awesome gift ideas and you could do all your shopping for Christmas literally in one place, with no hassle for parking. And you can even pay for your purchases with your credit card and stop for a cup of coffee at their pop up coffee shop as a bonus!

Really recommend you pop there to visit – they are open 10am to 8pm until the 23 December so you have plenty time!!!  You can find the NG Kerk just around the Ladies Mile circle in Bergvliet, entrance off Walters Way.

Here are some photo’s of some of the stalls and the items on offer – enjoy 🙂

image image image image image imageimage image image image image image


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