Something for Mother’s Day

If your husband is like mine, any gift purchase is a stressful time, so he appreciates lots of hints thrown his way.  The problem is, sometimes I don’t have any ideas of things I would fancy, but this year ahead of Mother’s Day, I have started keeping a small list of nice ideas that someone like me might appreciate and I’d thought I’d share it with you. Continue reading

Simply South is simply AWESOME


I must be honest, I usually don’t go near gift fairs. I am not sure why, I think I usually feel it may be packed with overpriced things I don’t need…. but I am so glad to have been “converted” after visiting the Simply South gift fair at the NG Kerk in Bergvliet last night. Continue reading

Gift ideas for kids that aren’t TOYS!

Do your kids have too many toys? Do they play with their birthday toys for a short while before moving on to something else? Do you panic after they’ve opened all their new birthday gifts and wonder what you are going to do with them, how much extra mess they will cause, or where to pack them away?  Well, here are some alternatives to the traditional toy as a gift for birthdays or Christmas. Continue reading

You’ll be Smitten

Smitten 7Last month when I was organising my daughter’s teachers’ gifts, I happened to find myself at the Farriers Centre in Wynberg. This centre is well-know for the Gingerlily Spa and High Tea coffee shop.  What I hadn’t discovered in this centre was Smitten!!!  By pure chance, I ended up in this shop, and I really wished I’d had a few more minutes (or an hour!) to browse the store. Continue reading