Cooking Party

Last Saturday we hosted a Cooking Party sampler to give our clients and friends a taste of what happens at a Cooking Party so that they know the details BEFORE booking their own party of this kind.

The fabulous Hannah does our cooking parties for Party Things Online and she did not disappoint.  It is an action packed 2 hours of activities, and is hosted at The Bay in the Constantia sports complex, but you also have the option to have it at your home. Continue reading

Hint Hunt – perfect party idea for teenagers

hint huntHaving heard a lot about Hint Hunt, I rounded up some friends and booked tickets a month ago for our hour of mystery solving. Sadly I took ill a few hours before our game and couldn’t attend, but I got the low-down from my husband and friends (well, as much as they would tell me!). Probably best I didn’t go, so I can’t divulge all the details!  Here’s what its all about and why its a great party activity for teenagers… Continue reading

Adventure parties

Kids love to be kids and enjoy running around outdoors and being active.  Why not consider an Adventure type party for their next birthday?  Kids will have a blast, burn off their excess energy making their parents happy too!!  A win win! 🙂

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Creative parties

I love the idea of children’s parties having themes where you can decorate and cater in line with the theme.  But I also like parties to have a purpose with some sort of creativity and have fun, as its not all about eating chocolates and cakes!  This blog explores some ideas for creativity and lists some of the providers in the industry that you can use in planning your child’s party.

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Good Olde Fun

Do you remember what we used to do at parties when we were young?  There were many fun games that we played and our parents rarely used to spend a lot of money on hiring of entertainment.  I remember having lots of fun, so why not consider bringing in some of these good old fashioned games to the entertainment at your child’s next party? Continue reading