Christmas decor from @Home

Christmas santas

I love this time of year, when you start preparing for Christmas, thinking about decorating the house and making it all Christmassy.  Each year we try and buy one or two new Christmas decorations to add to our collection, so I went shopping the other day to see what is out there.   Continue reading

Family photoshoot ideas

It’s around this time of year that many people opt to have some family photo’s taken.  My advice is use someone with experience who knows how to get the best out of one hour, especially with the kids involved who may start to lose attention towards the end.  We have been fortunate to have a few family shoots, and really love working with our photographers. Continue reading

Party picks from Yuppiechef

yuppie logoOne of my favourite online stores just has to be Yuppiechef. Not only do they have fabulous products, but your goods arrive on your doorstep in record time, WITH A HANDWRITTEN NOTE!!!  Something most unusual in today’s fast paced consumer world, and it goes a long way to ensure their customers keep coming back.

I decided to head over to look at some of the great items they have that you could use when planning your next party. Continue reading

First Birthday Photoshoot Ideas

I have recently discovered that I have a good appreciation of really good photography.  Probably one of the reasons why our party business now offers party photography.  Having a great photographer at your party ensures you capture all the moments, without it being YOU behind the lens.  A fun family photoshoot ahead of when the guest arrive, or right at the end when things get trashed, can make a wonderful keepsake for the special occasion.  Something we did at our daughter’s birthday this year, was email each guest a photo of their child when we sent out our thank yous. Continue reading

For Good Times – for great parties :)

For Good TimesI recently got my hands on the new book to come out of In Good Company’s superb party offering, called For Good Times.  Once I started, I literally could not put it down until I got to the back cover!  It is a plethora of unique and wonderful party themes and ideas. So I thought I’d share what it’s all about and why every party planning mom can become a super party planner! Continue reading